Wildwood Parent-Guardian Organization

Where Wildwood parents connect with the people, resources, and opportunities in their children’s educational process.

Learning Begins With Connection

The Wildwood Parent Guardian Organization (PGO) is a group of volunteer parents and guardians whose mission is to build a strong community with academic enrichment opportunities and equity for all children.

Looking to become a part of your child’s educational process by getting involved? Good News! You are already a member of the Wildwood PGO if you are a parent or guardian of a Wildwood student. We invite you to become an active volunteer. Your contribution, whether it is time, knowledge, or resources, makes a BIG difference.

In schools [we’re] really operating from a space of hope and belief in the future, and I really want to be a part of that and to hopefully be a part of the solution.

Allison Estes, incoming Wildwood Elementary Principal during a conversation with Amherst School District Superintendent Michael Morris and outgoing Wildwood School Principal Nick Yaffe (Amherst Media, 2018).

Want to be a part of the solution with us by volunteering with the PGO? Get in touch!